This past weekend our Social Enterprise "The Store Next Door" participated in the much anticipated Spring Living Show 2022 at the Mariners Centre in Yarmouth, NS.

Social Enterprise Manager Terri Clarke says: "We did great. We had a lot of new customers stopping by and asking about who we are and what we do so I feel like we really got our name out there!
Seeing and having everyone out again after two years of not being able to do this is a great atmosphere to be back to."

"We had many of our staff involved and many that were working behind the scenes on the products."


Staff member Liz was super proud to have been part of the floor crew.

"It went really well, with lots of customers, lots of nice people. We sold quite a bit of our products and it was great to see people out again doing things!"

"This is the first show that I attended as a staff member and it was a really nice experience.
We sold a lot of products from our social enterprises, and also from our vocational programs. One of the favorites was "Kayla's Dog Biscuits", which are made using all-natural ingredients.
It was great to be involved in this event and seeing the interest from everyone in the products that I create. I work on sanding and staining our wood and hockey line of products.
I love people and it was just so nice to see so many of them there looking at our products. And even if they weren't buying any items, it was just nice to get the chance to say hi to everyone."


Michelle is another staff member who is quite pleased with how the event turned out. "I was there Friday night and there were so many people checking out our products, and of course many of them buying quite a few as well. It was a great exposure to our business. So many people were interested and they just kept coming back."


And for staff member Sam the event was a blast. "

We represented ourselves very well. It was a great exposure and as a result we have had more visitors to our physical store at 6 Central Street.
We had enough product as planned and many staff members at the show and also behind the scenes making sure everything was running smoothly."

We now are looking forward to a great summer and tourist season as our ferry is back. We're ready!