“ We are thrilled to announce that YACRO is nearing the end of our new Small Option build in Yarmouth. The project was completed in collaboration with the Department of Community Services (DSP) who have committed to the transition of participants from large residential facilities to small community-based options and we couldn't be happier to be a part of it.

The build has been a labour of love and the results are extraordinary, creating a fully accessible home.

This would not have been possible without our construction and design team consisting of Delmar Construction and SP Dumaresq Architect Ltd. Their attention to our mission and vision exceeded our expectations” 🙂

- Tracy Holmes-Carbonell, Executive Director


Today was a great soft Open House with lots of family and employees coming in.

"We're really excited to start, says Audrey Sears, house supervisor, and everything has turned out great."

Our new house will host four residents. The first two residents were just in for a visit and they loved their new house.


And what's not to love, the house comes with four spacious bedrooms, an open-concept living area with kitchen/dining room and space for an entertainment centre. There is also a very quiet den for relaxing or reading a good book. Our house staff have been extremely busy getting ready to welcome all new residents and help them settle in.


Audrey says her favorite room is the den and staff member Alice's favorite space is the kitchen.

Not to mention that the house's surroundings are very scenic from every angle with lots of greenery and spaces for outdoor activities.