This weeks challenge was extremely difficult to judge! We enjoyed all of the entries and I hope you all had as much fun as it looked!!! Congrats to every team that participated. Since they were so good, I am adding a few photos from each entry for everyone to enjoy. We finally settled on a tie again for 1St place.....Brunswick and Cliff Street!!!!!! Congrats!!!

Brunswick Theme Dinner ! Rockin’ Taco Tuesday 🤟🌮🤟

It’s Rockin’ Taco Tuesday , and the dudes here at Brunswick think Tacos rock ! and they also really dig rock n’ roll 🎸... So they put on some band tees .. Motley Crüe for Cory , Red Hot Chili Peppers for Kristen and they threw on some bandanas to complete their rocker look ... We had“Rockos” not “Tacos” ,& Rockin’ Rice and Beans ! If we had an avocado we’d have had “Rockamole’” too ... Keep rockin’ 🤟🌮🤟

Cliff Street

The men at Cliff street decided to take a break from quarantine  and head to Italy for a little fun, food and drink!   😀