Today Oliver, Erica, Wayne Star, Wayne Hazelton and Gerard Muise decided we would make a Jewish Apple Cake for the weekly challenge.
We chose this cake because this was a cake that Wayne Star’s Mom, Gert, made for him often when he was a younger person. We also had an abundance of apples in the home that needed to be used. It is also a tried and true recipe that Oliver has made several times in the past. In the first photo, the guys are sitting at the table. We have just finished adding ingredients to the bowls.. the guys helped to do that, and took turns mixing the ingredients in. To celebrate their accomplishments, they are each having a glass of beer. They have their glasses raised.
In the second picture, Oliver has given them each a spoon with a taste of the cake batter.
The third picture is the cake not yet baked.
The last picture is the finished cake. It smells really good. When the cake is served, you add whipped cream and caramel sauce to each slice.
Cheers to you all! Wish we could share.😋

The Gang at 560 Brunswick Street Extension xoxo

Stay tuned for more updates!